Protein and Carb Calculator

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The recommendations are based on Primal Nutrition for a healthy lifestyle for the general population including endurance athletes. Those wanting to build above average muscle or have a need to perform significant muscular tasks daily will need to increase protein intake above the recommended.

These recommendations are based on a Primal or LCHF (Low Carb, Healthy Fat) nutrition plan. This is a present day equivalent of the traditional Mediterranean diet.

For clinical conditions it is recommended you seek the advice of a registered dietitian or your local general practitioner.

I do not recommend crash diets or diets aimed a getting to goal weights quickly as these are unsustainable and generally lead to weight gain. The main aim is the tune in to a sustainable eating plan which satisfies hunger, but lead to weight adjustment over time to a natural, healthy balance. Usually around 15% body fat for men or 22% for woman.

This calculator provides a starting point for Protein and Carbohydrate targets recognising that everyone is different so will need to adjust. With recommended protein and carbohydrate intake falling into relatively narrow ranges, it follows that fat becomes the predominant macro-nutrient in the diet and the main variable in obtaining dietary satisfaction.

Recommended fat intake is generally not an absolute number (unless specific calculations are performed to lose a certain amount of body fat over a certain time period), but instead should align with obtaining dietary satisfaction at every meal. Although high-fat foods are caloric-ally dense, they have a high satiety factor and do not stimulate an insulin response. By eating what amounts to a high-fat diet in comparison to the Standard American/Australian Diet, one can stabilize appetite and energy levels, and shed excess body fat without having to face the traditional struggles of deprivation and restriction.

If you don't know your Body Fat Percentage, you can get an estimate using this calculator.

If your body fat percentage is outside the range of 6% to 60% I recommend guidance from a registered dietitian to support nutritional change.

Your recommended Protein intake per day is 2 grams


Your recommended Carbohydrate intake per day is 60 grams through real food, no grains or sugar.