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The FitSets coaching difference

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I provide totally individualised coaching customised around your lifestyle, current physical condition and goals. A structured approach which is totally pieced together around you. I provide a structured process using proven training practices and techniques  learnt through years of experience and through TrainingPeaks and IRONMAN universities under the guidance of thelikes of Joe Friel, Mark Allen, Paula Newby-Fraser and Bob Babbitt.   Read More

The three biggest mistakes made by age group IRONMAN athletes

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  • Prioritising training over sleep. When training upward of 12 hours per week we need upwards of 8 hours sleep per night for adequate recovery. You can get away with less for a while but you will inevitable plateau and be vulnerable to injury and illness. If you suffer from sleep apnea our can’t sleep due to stress then a focus on solving this needs to be a focus. Some good advice can be found here.

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Recovery, HRV, and the problem with all green…

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Recently I have been banging on about recovery, sleep and not training when fatigued as the number 1 priority. I have had a number of queries on how we assess the difference between feeling tired and being fatigued. Fortunately an advanced metric (HRV) that has been available to the medical and elite athletic field is now available to the general public through smart phone apps and the latest wearable technologies (Garmin Finix3, 735xt and 920xt) Read More

Balancing volume and intensity

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Have you noticed that the longer the race the better the non-athletically built competitors seem to do? The reason is that as the distances increase the more the balance shifts from speed to durability. Sure, a leaner athlete, with the same durability will generally be quicker over a course, but if a heavier or physically weaker athlete does the critical volumes required to last, the odds shift. Read More