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Planning for the IM and 70.3 off-season regeneration

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A well planned off season can be the best investment for the next season. During the lead-up to your season “A” race the chances are you have focused on aerobic endurance and threshold training to increase durability. Family time and exercise variability has probably suffered, right? Off-season regeneration is critical for sustained improvement. Read More

It’s FitSets.com Metabolic Testing Season

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It is Mets testing season at Fitsets.com in partnership with @jupiterhealth. Three Fitsets.com athletes through last weekend and six up for next weekend.

Great commitment  from Paul west, getting it done!

Mets testing is a great way for endurance athletes to:

  • Improve thier fuel plan
  • Allows the fine tuneing of training to improve fat burning ability and endurance
  • Maximise the effect of each training session by targeting specific heart rates

It’s about balance – training to be fast at aerobic intensity

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Training for endurance sports can require a significant investment of time. Applying the following guidelines will ensure you get the optimum adaptations for your training investment while ensuring recovery and nutrition is balanced. Although every athlete is different and are on a different phase of the endurance journey, if applied, these guidelines will reduce waste and create focus on the adaptations that make a difference. Read More