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Cycle Open Road Endurance

By July 20, 2013 No Comments

Targeted Benefits:

  • Bike Endurance
  • Nutrition Practice


  • Find route of similar terrain to next race or a local Criterium track
  • Plan to ride race distance, but a max of 120km if Ironman or century race targeted
  • Use the opportunity to practice race nutrition

Main Set

  • Ride majority of distance at 70-75% MHR
  • Do 3x race pace intervals of:
    – 20 min for 40km race
    – 30 min for 90km race
    – 60 min for 160-180km race
  • 10 min at 70% mhr between intervals

Warm down

  • 10 min easy

Key Points:

  • Do intervals in race position at race pace.
  • Use race gear and nutrition.
  • Analyse session, was race pace sustainable?

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