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Guide to self-coaching with TrainingPeaks

By June 18, 2017 No Comments

I put this pdf together to assist self coached athletes in building structure into their programs. It assumes some basic knowledge of periodisation and experience in balancing training and recovery.

Download your Guide to self-coaching using TrainingPeaks.

As a professional coach I do offer a free athlete strategy session to assist you in getting started on your season plan. I am also available to assist through the following services:

  • Structured programming, managing your program on an ongoing basis using the structures within.
  • Season planning, assisting you in your assessments and formulating your season plan, training blocks and periodisation.
  • Mentorship through regular online one on one sessions to guide you through the process and refine your program.

Included in the above services is access to a rich set of Swim, bike and run workouts covering aerobic, high intensity interval training and strength sessions.

Please contact me at paul.skelton@fitsets.com for a free strategy session. All time zones catered for.

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