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Olympic distance nutrition cheat sheet…

By October 25, 2013 No Comments

A simple but effective nutrition and hydration plan for Olympic distance Triathlons.


  • Stay hydrated using electrolytes or a pinch of Himalayan or rock salt in water, but don’t over do it.
  • 4 pm: light meal, but avoid grain including pasta and rice. Usual volume of vegetable carbs are good. Grain will play havoc with your insulin levels.
  • No need to carbo load, that is old science. Keep to your usual way of eating. Your reduction in volume during taper will ensure your glycogen levels are topped up.


  • 2:30 before race start: up to 500ml electrolyte drink. then no drink until 15 min before start.
  • Eat as per your usual weekend training routine. I recommend a very light meal to top up glycogen but digestible before race start.
  • 0:30 before start: pee
  • 0:15 before start: 200-350ml sport drink.
  • Swim exit: slug of water
  • Bike: 1 litre per hour of sports drink. Drink evenly, a minimum of 15min intervals.
    • Or 1 litre per hour water with upto 3 gels per hour.
  • Run: drink as desired, target even drinking over course. I.e. Small slugs per table rather than full cups every 2nd/3rd. Sports drink at early tables, water in second half.
  • Post race. Eat solids within an hour of finish, include protein.


  • Over strength mixed sports drink. Effect – nausea, bloating
  • Solids without adequate water. Effect – nausea, bloating
  • Inadequate electrolytes. Effect – cramp
  • Water without electrolytes. E.g. Water and solids/lollies. Effect – cramp.

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