Do the work that counts – Endurance training in a nutshell

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Training is the investment of time to improve results.

There are four basic components in endurance training:

  • Aerobic training – 80% to 85% of training time in Zone 1 and lower Zone 2 (MAF)
  • Force Development – 5% of training time (Maximal Strength – Zone 5+)
  • Durability training – 10% to 15% of training time (Zone 3 – 4)
  • Technique – Integrated into training and active recovery
  • Recovery – Active recovery + 7.5 hours+ sleep average per night.

Any training session should be targeting these adaptations. The only session that have benefits if you have muscular fatigue are durability and active recovery.

Know what your session is targeting and stick to the plan. If you can’t nail it, go home and use the recovery time, don’t dig a hole!


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Triathlete or Swimmer?

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What is the game you are in?

As a swimmer, at the end of your swim effort you are  done. You don’t need carry your swim fatigue or your swim physique any further.

As a triathlete you have to carry any accumulated fatigue and swim specific physique through to the end of the race. For 70.3 and Ironman, a significant distance.

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