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The endurance athlete’s time dilemma

By June 26, 2017 No Comments

Do the work that counts including the recovery. Don’t neglect recovery, it is recovery from stress that makes us stronger! 

Fitness improvement = Stress + Recovery

No stress = no results

No recovery = no results

Stress / Recovery balance is the key to results

Time available = Family time + Work Time + Commute Time + Training Time + Recovery Time (Sleep and rest)  + Play Time

The usual scenario:

  • Finding more time to train
  • Fixed time = Family time, work time, commute (non-negotiables)
  • What gets cut = Recovery time (Sleep and rest) + Play time

The right way:

  • Training and recovery (sleep and rest) kept in balance
  • Fixed time = Family time, work time, Sleep time (non-negotiables)
  • What gets cut = Some commuting is training


  • Plan training time as total training and recovery time availability (8 hours sleep!)
  • Use commuting for training a couple of day a week (Run home)
  • Seek fulfillment from work and family, less stress = better results all-round


  • Trade sleep for training time
  • underestimate the impact of life stress on training effectiveness
  • Stop the play – fun and functional diversity


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