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Bike Time Trial Simulation

By September 7, 2013 No Comments

Targeted Benefits:

  • TT Mental Preparation (assimilate effort time curve)
  • Nutrition Practice


  • Find a flat or slightly rolling criterium track, no stops or traffic.
  • Carry sports drink, 1 bidon per hour mixed at 6-8% grams carbohydrate for 70.3  and Ironman
  • Heart Rate Monitor essential

Warm up

  • 10 Min easy spin

Main Set

  • Constant Aero Effort, stay on bars as much as possible with intermitant streching.

Ironman: 3 hours @ 70% mhr

70.3: 90 min @ 75% mhr

Olympic distance: 30 min @ 80% mhr

Warm down

  • 20 min easy

Key Points:

  • Keep heart rate even through out, perceived effort will increase over time.
  • Practice race nutrition.
  • Pace should be even throughout.

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