We are what we eat. Modern processed foods may save us time, but this is at the cost of our health and future vitality.

In this 8 week course we work together to redefine your food choices while giving you the tools to avoid the pitfalls and challenges. By the end of this course, if followed, you will be on a proven path to significant health improvements, abundant vitality, all without ongoing hunger or sacrifice. Now wouldn’t that be the perfect New Years gift for yourself?

Investment: $395

What you get:

  • Food transformation planning (choices, guidance and checklists).
  • Guidance on developing a healthy food mindset.
  • Guidance on exercise routines during transformation period.
  • 8 x Weekly (30 minutes) coaching session, face to face or Skype
  • Gift recipe book (Approximate value $50.00)
  • Access to a peer support Facebook group.
  • Email & PM support

The course entails:

  • Pre-course workshop: Why get Fat Adapted
  • Week 1: Preparation and set-up: Choosing our foods, planning logistics, preparing our minds
  • Week 2: Food Transformation: Removing the poor food choices
  • Week 3: Food Transformation: Balancing our macro-nutrients and reducing stress
  • Week 4: Food Transformation: Including intermittent fasting
  • Week 5: Living the real food lifestyle: Introducing the 80/20 Rule
  • Week 6: Seasonal diversity, lets mix it up
  • Week 7-8: Living the real food lifestyle: Let’s experiment what works best for you

For the locals (North Brisbane )

  • 2 Optional group meetups
  • Supermarket choices guided tour
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