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Your personal goals, does your coach know?

By July 6, 2014 One Comment

In general club athletes fall into four types, sure there is a lot of grey in-between, but if the athlete and the coach are not in tune with these, achieving success is going to be hit and miss.


Health Focus: Generally athletes who have been out of sport and have made the decision to lose weight and get healthy. Podiums and awards are not the goal, but weight-loss, improve health indicators are the goal

Social Focus: usually reasonably fit but focused on the meeting and mixing with people of like interests. May participate in races, but the focus is on participation and the social interaction in training and at events.

Performance Focus: The main goal to get better, faster and stronger and set new personal bests. Maybe they would also love to lose a few kilos, but when they are at session, they mostly want to improve.

Competitive Focus: Not only do they want to get better and prioritize their performance, but they want to win, podium, qualify for worlds. They push themselves to the limit in their races, and many of their training sessions mimic this intensity.

Annual Budget: This determines the available investment over the season to be split between equipment (Bikes, Shoes, electronics like power meters), specialist nutrition, physiotherapy, coaching fees. Seconds for buck is an important and where many bad investments are made. Ever considered that a power meter would provide a greater time return the an aero helmet or aero wheels?

Athletes need to be sure their coach understands their specific goals and priorities.

Coaches must connect with athletes at a holistic goal level, not just beating out faster times.

Clubs should make it clear in which fields they play, be it social, performance, competitive or health, and also which they do not cover. A clear vision for the club with measurable objectives and a strong member driven culture is essential for club stability and members satisfaction.


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  • Gai says:

    I think I fall into a couple of categories, but would say that my training revolves around the outcome. I don’t like to enter an event if I don’t think I have put the work in. I suppose when it comes down to it, I am competitive. I love the social side of training but love to get the best outcome in the end.