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We balance recovery & training

We honour our priorities: Sleep, family, adventure then career

We have a continuous and relentless focus on technique and efficiency 

Our training is 80/20 Easy/Hard

We eat diverse real food nutrition

We race hard and dig deep, very deep

We live the adventure

 Individualised Coaching

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 IRONMAN Certified, TrainingPeaks Level 2, Triathlon Australia and Primal Health accredited Coach

email: [email protected]  Phone: +61 (0)488 028 221

Sprint, Olympic, IRONMAN, 70.3, Marathon, Ultras, Ultraman programming

Fat adaption and MAF focus

Periodised Carb Specialist

Getting off the couch, novice, intermediate and advanced levels

Season and goal-oriented planning

Every day, training and race day nutrition

Metabolism Testing

Targeted race personalised programs

Clear training guidelines and philosophy

One-off consultations

Non-competitive Health Coach (Nutrition, Weight Management and General Fitness)

Today I did a total immersion swim class. Wow, I was blown away at how quick my technique was assessed so accurately and explained to me in a detailed way that I could still understand. By the end of the class, I was already feeling so much more relaxed in the water, I was understanding the principles and putting them into practice. For someone who is not a comfortable or confident swimmer, I can’t wait to get back in the pool and start putting more of this into practice. Thank you Paul! Bring on Ironman WA

Tamara Cavanagh

Paul is an amazing mentor. He focuses on both fitness and diet and caters for all ages and fitness levels. He will design a programme specifically for you and mentor you one on one giving you feedback on your progress. Give him a try you won't regret it and will never look back.

Shirley Ferguson

Awesome coach & team. Understands the sustainability of training for age group athletes & tailors plans to suit. Has been the driving force to get me fat adapted and through 25+ 70.3 races, IM, marathons etc over the last 3-4 years. And he’s a great guy!

Paul West

After the scary decision to sign up for my first Ironman at Cairns 2013 I then made my best decision to ask Paul to coach and guide me along my Ironman journey. I quickly realised that being fit was just 1 piece to the puzzle of having a successful race. Paul has a huge amount of experience in endurance racing himself and a vast amount of knowledge about all aspects it takes to become a successful endurance athlete. Paul is not only a great coach but also a great mentor.

Ray Noyes

Paul’s depth and understanding of using social media and how to attract the right clients has given my motivation factor an absolute boost. Because of his enthusiasm for delivering on his promises, I feel extremely confident in recommending Paul towards helping anyone achieve their goals!

Jerrod Smith, Attitude Coach, 2 x Ironman Finisher

I feel Paul has had a profound impact on me, both personally and professionally, and I would strongly recommend him to any future client.

Scott Watson

No doubt about it, without Paul’s guidance, advice and coaching I would not have achieved my first Ironman results. Paul has real empathy for his athletes and tailors his programs and advice to suit the individual. I am not sure who was happier at the finish line Paul or myself?! Thanks again Paul without you I would not be an IRONMAN!

Paul Banney

My swim coach was watching me like a hawk this morning. About 45 mins in he asked what I'd been doing. I had to fess up & tell him I'd done a swim session with you. He said to send his compliments to you, you've managed to get through to me in one session what he's been trying to get through for the past few months. He said just keep doing what you've shown me because it's working for me. I've taken about 3-4 seconds off my 25m lap time & reduced my stroke rate at the same time.

Yvonne Baylis

He takes time to get to know his athletes in order to understand their individual triathlon experiences, strengths, challenges and overall attitude. He is extremely encouraging and communicates regularly with me just to see how I’m progressing. What makes Paul a ‘real’ coach is that he ‘walks the talk’. He is always finding ways to improve his own performance and this is inspirational. He does not pretend, he knows that triathletes can have both good days and bad days. He knows when to push and when to pull back. He always encourages me to look for the best in my training and Training Peaks offers a concise platform for this...

Maggie Dobson

Paul has a deep understanding of more than just the disciplines of triathlon, something many fail to recognise. Paul enabled me to achieve all my goals and I get to take away knowledge and understanding that will last a lifetime. Thanks, Paul.

Brett Trace

I have used Paul's coaching services and I found him very supporting and encouraging. I have previously been burned out and now try and regain not just strength and speed, but more importantly my overall health and well-being. Paul set up a schedule for me in TrainingPeaks and together worked out what my goals for my training were. He tailored my program to fit with my hormones as well. My health has improved by following MAF based training. I have had a 15 % improvement in my MAF test in the first month, and 8 % the second month. I did a 10 km race last week and did the fastest time in 19 years !!!!! I also have more energy & sleep better. Paul is a joy to speak to during our coaching sessions and I always end up being more inspired after.

Maria Billing

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