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The FitSets coaching difference

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I provide totally individualised coaching customised around your lifestyle, current physical condition and goals. A structured approach which is totally pieced together around you. I provide a structured process using proven training practices and techniques  learnt through years of experience and through TrainingPeaks and IRONMAN universities under the guidance of thelikes of Joe Friel, Mark Allen, Paula Newby-Fraser and Bob Babbitt.  

In the initial weeks I spend the time to get to know you and your training needs from a time management and physical perspective. This enables us to design a totally customised structured and fulfilling journey to your goals.

Cheerleading and motivation

Our journey begins with an understanding of your goals, understanding why you are doing this and what you will get out of the journey. With these insights I can provide the appropriate level of motivation and training level investment.

Time commitment and volume

We then investigate your lifestyle including your day to day family environment, your work commitments including your commute and regular travel, your current conditioning including recent illness, injury,  your nutrition and lastly your sleep patterns as this plays a crucial roles in recovery from training.

These insights enable the design of a program within available time and with effective recovery cycles. If required we can build in flexibility to allow for volatile schedules.

I have a wealth of experience in coaching athletes with varying constraints including business executives, international long haul pilots, parents with newborns and shift workers.

Training focus

Next we do a number of simple sessions to gather some metric to establish your current fitness in various aspects including aerobic fitness, anaerobic thresholds, your efficiency factors and your functional strengths and weaknesses. With these we can agree prioritised training focus aimed at achieving the best result in the time to your primary race objective.

Athlete Education

Over the first 6 weeks I invest time to support athletes in understanding their program including recovery and nutrition protocols. I prioritise responses to new athletes to ensure a smooth transition to the new training regime. After 6 weeks I find the athletes require less frequent support and drop back to a 48 hour response time to queries and fortnightly or monthly catch-ups as prefered.

Coaching Fees

I charge a flat monthly fee for coaching at a competitive rate. I can do this as I only onboard a couple of athletes at a time so I can spend the time to truly understand their needs and get them started. After the initial period the program requires less time as the program fits the athletes circumstances and has built in adaptability. I do not charge more for the initial period as I have confidence the athlete will realise the value and remain a client ongoing.

Delivery of services

Programmes are delivered through TrainingPeaks and TrainerRoad, the most advanced endurance coaching software available. Schedules are delivered weekly so they can be adapted to breakthrough training results, unforeseen schedule interruptions or illness. Athlete catch-ups are generally done through Skype enabling screen sharing to overview session and video analysis.

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