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Run Technique Session

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Targeted Benefits

    • Increase lower limb strength
    • Increase run efficiency
    • Injury prevention

Key Points

      • Focus on a mid foot strike with feet landing beneath you.
      • Stride length is realised behind you, not in front.
      • Focus on cadence, 95 per min.

Warm up – Race Shoes

  • 2km easy run, real easy jog
  • 4x On the spot jogs, 20 secs
  • 4x20m run throughs (start slow and build)
  • 2×800 (400 21k pace, 400 easy)

Main Set 1 – Barefoot

  • 8x60m Weighted Sledge pull (10kg). This is not to build strength but to feel how feet land
    beneath body. Pull an old backpack with weight plates tied to belt if no sledge available.

Main Set 2 – Barefoot

  • 8x2min 2min @ 85% – 2min easy (Use Cadence or Swim timer at 95paces/min)

Warm Down – Race Shoes

  • 3km warm down in race shoes

    , easy

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